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by Mart last modified 2005-09-24 15:38

The project focuses on the contribution of the education system to the making lifelong learning a reality and its role as a potential agency of social integration.

Strategic objectives addressed:

  • to develop and carry out a joint research agenda for a better understanding of the tensions between the knowledge-based society, lifelong learning and social inclusion in the context of enlargement of the EU and globalisation;

  • to provide an analysis of the role played by education system in the enhancing of lifelong learning and dependency of this role on relevant institutions at micro, meso and macro levels;

  • to provide an empirically based analysis of the adequacy of lifelong learning policies in Europe and their implications for different social groups, especially for socially excluded groups;

  • to develop relevant policy proposals for lifelong learning strategies to decrease social exclusion on the European and national level and to identify their implications for relevant areas of social and economic policies;

  • to strengthen cooperation and infrastructure for international and multidisciplinary comparative research in the area of lifelong learning;

  • to develop transnational data sources, i.e. survey of adult learners in schools and universities, in-depth interviews with schools management, employers, analysis of policy documents.

Under LLL2010 project the dissemination of findings to policy makers, practitioners and service users is aimed not only to present final conclusions but to involve relevant actors into the process as well.

Project includes 5 subprojects. These subprojects will help to achieve the objectives of the whole project.

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