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LLL2010 Project Report 1 - Subproject 1: Lifelong Learning: Patterns of Policy in Thirteen European Countries by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2012-10-03 20:31
A Review of Lifelong Learning Policy & Practices in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Flanders, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia. This first sub-project has been prepared by a team drawn from the Universities of Surrey and Edinburgh, and the Slovenian Institute of Adult Education, co-ordinated by John Holford at the University of Surrey. The members of the team involved in drafting the report have been: Linda Merricks, Guy Hannan, Sheila Riddell, Elisabet Weedon, Judith Litjens, Vida Mohorcic Spolar, Peter Beltram, Jasmina Mirceva.
Short Summary by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2007-10-10 15:51
Appendix E Data for Typology by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2007-10-10 15:51
LLL2010 Project Report 2 - Subproject 4: The qualification-supporting company – The Significance of Formal Adult Education in Small and Medium Organisations by Eve-Liis Roosmaa — last modified 2012-10-03 20:19
Comparative report prepared by Austrian team member Günter Hefler on the role of SME's in promoting adult participation in lifelong learning. Formal adult education, leading to qualifications recognised within a country’s ladder of educational achievement– forming a comprehensive, analytical entity, orienting all efforts – rarely becomes the core subject of research, not to mention in a cross-national, comparative way. Few studies examine the relationship between ‘formal adult education’ and the employer organisation. Our study of ‘formal adult education’ intersects on different levels with a broad variety of other research subjects.
LLL2010 Project Report 3 - Subproject 3: Adult Learners in Formal Adult Education: Experiences and Perceptions From Thirteen European Countries by Eve-Liis Roosmaa — last modified 2012-10-03 20:21
The survey analysed in this report focuses on adults who are currently participating in lifelong learning. In this survey we collected information about the expected/actual duration, intensity, contents, teaching/learning methods, progression, assessment procedures, experienced obstacles and support, costs and funding, triggers and motives for participation, perspectives after the course, use of APL, evaluation of courses by participants, alternative learning routes, complementarity/substitutability between formal/non-formal/informal learning etc. Special attention is devoted to the participation in lifelong learning of low-skilled people. Authors of the report are from Estonia and Belgium: Eve-Liis Roosmaa, Ellen Boeren, Ellu Saar and Ides Nicaise.
LLL2010 Project Report 4 - Subproject 2: Formal Adult Education in Context - the View of European Statistics by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2011-10-17 20:04
Comparative report on inequality in participation in adult education in EU27 countries based on analysis of European Labour Force Survey (2003) and European Adult Education Survey (2007) data by researchers from Austria and Hungay - Günter Hefler, Péter Róbert, Paul Ringler, Matild Sági, Stefanie Rammel, Anikó Balogh and Jörg Markowitsch
LLL2010 Project Report 5 - Subproject 5. A Systems Level Focus on Access to Education for Traditionally Marginalised Groups in Europe: Comparing Strategies, Policy and Practice in Twelve European Countries by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2011-10-17 21:14
This report, authored by prof Paul Downes, Director of Educational Disadvantage Centre at St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (Dublin, Ireland) amd leader of Subproject 5 in LLL2010 consortium, employs a methodologically and conceptually novel approach to analyse issues of access of underrepresented and marginalised groups to adult education through the views of stakeholders. Prof Downes is in this report following the system level design and includes topics that are often overlooked in the studies of lifelong learning, such as prison education. Prof Downes relies on 197 interviews conducted in the participating countries - further information is available from the country studies.
LLL2010 Project Report 6 - Final Integrated Report: TOWARDS LIFELONG LEARNING SOCIETY IN EUROPE: THE ROLE OF EDUCATION SYSTEM. Results from analysis of learning as an adult in Europe by Triin Roosalu — last modified 2011-10-17 20:15
This report, compiled by LLL2010 coordinating team led by prof Ellu Saar, integrates the main results of the work carried out in project LLL2010 during 2005-2010. It is dedicated to explore the role that individual factors, institutional settings and macrosocietal backgrounds play in determining and developing participation in adult education and lifelong learning in Europe. The researchers aimed at revealing the mechanisms to enhance more equal participation and inclusion of disadvanted groups.
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