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Project Working Papers

by Triin Roosalu last modified 2007-10-10 15:49

Here the LLL2010 project team will be publishing reports on work-in-progress. The LLL2010 team will publish different kinds of reports on the research carried out within this project. Some of these will be regarded as Comparative Reports, based (at least partly) on data from country-specific national reports. These National Reports will be published in the project's Working Paper Series, when the relevant Comparative Report is made available. In addtion to that, the project team will produce some papers to advance the research and its methodological and theoretical background. We are also planning to make some of these papers available in the Working Paper Series.

All in all the project aims to have five comparative reports, reflecting the five research projects (referred to as SubProjects) carried out during the project lifetime, and one Final Report, to reflect the whole body of research and major results of the project.

The first of these, on Patterns of LLL Policy in 13 European Countries, has been published by Autumn 2007.

The second one will be dealing with training issues in SMEs and this will be available around the end of 2008.

The third one is about adult learners in formal education system.

The fourth deals with educational institution's and how these (plan to) support lifelong learning.

The fifth will be looking at the participation in lifelong learning in these 13 countries, concentrating on the role that formal education has to play.

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